Association «Public assessors of the Republic of Tajikistan»

History / Activities:

Association "Public assessors of the Republic of Tajikistan" is a public, non-governmental, non-profit and advocacy organization that brings together public assessors of courts of the Republic of Tajikistan. The Association was registered on  May 5, 2011, but its activities start long before its official registration and acquisition of legal status, from March 2008.

Association's mission:

Assistance in supporting the rule of law, protecting the rights and interests of a person and citizen through mobilizing the activities of the Institute of Public Assessors as part of the country's judicial system, attracting representatives of civil society and the media to this activity, providing the judicial system with worthy future public  assessors.

Our tasks:

1. To mobilize the participation of public assessors in the judicial decision-making process;

2. Protection and support of social rights of people and the provision of legal assistance;

3. Ensure unhindered access to court decisions, media coverage;

4. Promote the development of young people - future public assessors.

Within the framework of its mission, the Association “Public assessors of the Republic of Tajikistan” implements the following programs:

1. “Monitoring of human rights” - aimed at preparing human rights monitoring groups, preparing analytical reports, developing strategies to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens.

2. “Torture is outlaw!” - aims to protect the rights of detained persons, also to mobilize human rights defenders and journalists, whose activities are aimed at preventing and reporting cases of torture. Within the framework of this program, it is planned to create resource centers for victims of torture, where they will be provided with psychological, legal and medical assistance.

3. “Violence against women” - aimed at protecting the rights and interests of women (victims of domestic violence) by providing free legal support.

4. “Youth Development Initiatives” - aimed at developing informational, educational and financial sustainability of young people in order to prepare independent, highly qualified and honest future public assessors for the country's judicial system.

Our projects:

6. “Law and Health”

Project timeline: 07/02/2018 - 01/31/2019

The aim of the project is to promote the improvement of the information and legal level of citizens to receive quality medical services.

The project provides for: Training of the para-legals team, Broadcasting of TOKSHOW “The right of citizens to receive high-quality medical services”, distribution of the information brochure “The right of citizens to health care”.


5. "Violence free home"

Project timeline: 09/15/2015 - 07/15/2016

The goal of the project is: To contribute to the prevention and prevention of domestic violence through informational and educational activities.

The project provides for: Conducting educational and informational trainings for beneficiaries and for training para-legals for further work with victims and potential victims of violence; publication and distribution of an information booklet and posters; Broadcasting of two TOKSHOW on the themes: “Domestic Violence: Responsibility and Punishment”, “The Role of the Public in Preventing and Preventing Domestic Violence”; publication of 3 articles in the regional and republican newspaper.


4. "Family - the strength of each child"

Project timeline: 01/02/2016 - 07/02/2016

The aim of the project is: To promote the provision of social packages for orphans and children with disabilities, by making changes and amendments to the current legislation of the country, as well as protecting their rights and legitimate interests.

The project provides for: Holding a round table on the theme “Contributing to the improvement of the mechanism for implementing the newly adopted Law“ On the Protection of the Rights of the Child ” dated March 18, 2015, No. 1196; Development and implementation of programs: “Protection of the rights of the child in orphanages” and the “Family education” model in boarding schools; 5 five-day trainings on the topics: “Crime prevention”, “Crime and types of punishments”, “Responsibility of school administrations to ensure the safety of their pupils”.


3. "Strengthening the role of public assessors in the judicial process"

Terms of the project: - 11/01/2013 - 04/01/2014.

The goal of the project is to: Promote the active participation of public assessors in the course of legal proceedings by increasing their information and legal level.

The project envisages: Improving the information and legal level of lay judges in the Sughd  region about the new Criminal Procedure Code; facilitating the active participation of the Institute of Public Assessors during trials; create conditions for the exchange of experience between the newly elected and the formerly elected working public assessors; publication and distribution of “Manual for public assessors”.


2. “Mass media - for a fair trial”

Project timeline: 06/15/2011 - 03/15/2012

The goal of the project is to: Assist in enhancing the role of the media in highlighting problems related to the right to a fair trial through information and advocacy companies.

The project envisages: To create an analytical basis for work on determining the level of transparency in judicial decisions, by monitoring the “Transparency in judicial decisions”; Increase the level of legal and procedural knowledge of media employees; Strengthen the role of the media in suppressing and highlighting cases of human rights violations in the judicial process, by shooting and broadcasting three TOKSHOWs: “The level of transparency of judicial decisions”, “The role of the media in covering issues related to the judicial process”, and “No to judicial arbitrariness!”. 


  1. "Participation of the people against torture" and

"Participation of the people against torture - 2" (partnership projects)

Project timeline: 03/01/2008 - 05/11/2011

The goal of the project is to: Promote a fair trial for the prevention of torture by revitalizing and strengthening the institution of public assessors in Tajikistan. Capacity building of public  assessors through increasing their information and legal level.

Tasks / activities of the project: Assessment of the level of activity of the institute of public  assessors; Improving the information and legal level of knowledge of public assessors; Strengthening the institutional capacity of the Institute of Public Assessors; Improving the legislative base of the Institute of Public Assessors; Raising the legal status of the Institute of Public judges.

Our contacts:

735700, Khujand, Tajikistan

28 microdistrict, building 1, kab.212.

Tel: (+992) 92 641-00-55