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“The reform of the legal profession in the Republic of Tajikistan is in deadlock and requires urgent measures to secure an independent profession,” according to ICJ recommendations on the reform of the legal profession in the country.The recommendations follow a round table discussion organized by the ICJ in December 2015, where the principles and practice of the independence and self-governance...

11.03.2016 - 10:27

This document was jointly produced by the NGO Coalition against Torture in Tajikistan (Coalition against Torture), that unites 12 human rights groups and five independent experts across Tajikistan, and International Partnership for Human Rights (Belgium). Its contents are supported by Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Poland), the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and the World Organisation...

16.02.2016 - 16:01

Since February to August 2014 monitoring group on visiting closed facilities in the Republic of Tajikistan, established under the working group under NHRI in 2013 had visited 5 closed facilities: TIC in Dushanbe, TIC for minors in Dushanbe, SIZO in Khujand, TIC in Isfara and Colony for Women in Nurek.

10.02.2016 - 09:45

This report is prepared by PO Bureau of Human Rights and Rule of Law - member of NGO Coalition against Torture with financial support of Human Rights Programme of SCO office in Tajikistan. When quoting this report reference is mandatory.

18.09.2015 - 18:39

The present research has been carried out by the public foundation “Legal Initiative”, a member of the NGO Coalition against Torture in Tajikistan, with the financial support of the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation in the Republic of Tajikistan.  When using the information contained in this report, the reference to it is obligatory.

24.04.2015 - 13:00

Report on the results of the joint work of the Working Group under the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the NGO "Human Rights Center"

24.02.2015 - 15:31

This report presents information on the current state of collaboration between the Human Rights Commissioner of Tajikistan and Civil Society, a summary of the event and a summary of the challenges and best practices introduced during the Seminar. The report also includes recommendations developed by the Office of the Human Rights Commissioner and Seminar participants.

29.04.2014 - 15:23