Nurmahmad Khalilov, NGO "Center for Human Rights": "The most important principle of human rights - respect for the rights of other people"

In my opinion, a human rights defender is a person who protects his own rights and the rights of other people. These are the people who have and are guided by such principles as respect for the rights of other people.

I did not set my goal to become a human rights activist. Started with the fact that he practiced advocacy and tried to provide real legal assistance to people in relation to those who violated the law. I have already started to look at the problems of clients from the point of view of human rights, which are attached to us in the Constitution and international treaties, and the observance of which is negatively reflected in the lives of thousands of citizens who do not always know what they know. And in order to solve these problems, it is necessary to change the attitude to the law of the representatives of power, to engage in a dialogue with the authorities, to discuss and act on the change of laws and law-enforcement practices. There was a decision to work in a public organization, with the aim of solving public problems at the system level, and, most importantly, to achieve observance and protection of human rights in Tajikistan.