Najoti Kudakon


Our History

The NGO “Najoti Kudakon” (NK) was created in 1993 at the height of the civil war.  The founders were five women who lost their loved ones in this war and wanted to support those who suffered the same fate in overcoming difficult moments in their lives and become independent.

One of the most valuable forms of activity chosen by the NGO “Najoti kudakon” is the Concept of Self-Help Groups (SHG). This Concept allows poor, humiliated and socially excluded people (like many Tajik women) to acquire the necessary skills to fight for the observance and protection of their rights and find access to basic services.

Established a real system for the provision of comprehensive services to the victims of domestic violence (VDV).

The Center also provides advice on starting a small business, resolving legal issues (such as lack of identity documents, alimony, property sharing ...) and psychological assistance in overcoming a traumatic situation (such as domestic violence).

The NGO “Najoti Kudakon” is the chairman of the Kulob regional Council of the National Coalition of Women “From Equality de jure to equality de facto”.

The NGO “Nachoti kudakon” is also a member of the UN Women’s Consultative Council in the Republic of Tajikistan, on the Rule of Law and Access.

Our mission

A free and healthy woman in a society without violence.

Goals. Target Groups

To promote the improvement of the living conditions of women (especially vulnerable) in Tajikistan by:

  • Strengthening democratic mechanisms in society, raising the voice of the poor and socially excluded from them;

-      Social capital formation in communities;

-      Mitigating gender inequalities and combating stigma associated with domestic violence, poverty, and HIV / AIDS.

Activity geography

We work in the Kulob region of the Khatlon Province, the South-Eastern region of Tajikistan, where 1,200,000 people live. 52% of them are women, with 37% in the reproductive age (their lives are more often at risk of abuse).

In five districts (Kulob, Hamadoni, Shurabad, Farkhor, Khovaling) we work directly with 9 Communities including 10,600 families (about 64,000 inhabitants).

We are proud of:

•     Support for more than 8,000 women (legal, psychological, medical and economic assistance).

•     Training to improve self-esteem "I and leadership." These women and girls do not remain silent anymore; they can talk openly about their problems and fight for their rights.

•     The formation of 24 self-help groups (SHG) and 12 support services for women (SSW). Some of these groups are already autonomous, actively advocating for their rights at the local and regional level, and are trying to find resources to solve community problems.

•     Joint actions with other NGOs in the region to protect the rights of women. (Forums and Campaigns)

•     A building was constructed where 3 subdivisions of NGO “Najoti Kudakon” work comfortably and successfully (Women’s Resource Center, Crisis Center, and Shelter)

Our address:

Republic of Tajikistan

Kulob city, Sh. Shohin Str. 736360

Tel: +992918678002, 833222-51-09


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