Those guilty of torture must be brought to justice!

On January 24, 2019 the Government of Tajikistan has adopted National Plan of Actions for 2019-2022 to fulfill recommendations of the United Nations Committee Against Torture. The National Plan consists of 22 paragraphs: investigation of torture cases, punishment for torture, intensification of activity of Human Rights Ombudsman in RT, basic legal guarantees and remedies, access to independent lawyer, inspection of detention places, custodial detention conditions, independent grievance mechanism, indemnification and rehabilitation, etc.

The National Plan envisages around 80 measures aimed at improvement of legislation and law enforcement practices as to prevention of torture. Implementation of the National Plan involves a wide range of state authorities, courts, law-enforcement bodies, Ombudsman institution.

So, Paragraph №1 of the National Plan: “Taking measures to bring to justice persons guilty of torture and other cruel treatment”.

This paragraph plans a few measures: review of legislation and practices of investigation of torture, cruel and inhuman punishment; arrangement and conducting training events for qualification upgrading of judges, officers of public prosecution bodies, law-enforcement bodies and other specialists on issues related to freedom from torture and other cruel treatment; inclusion of issue on strict prohibition of torture in the public speaking of government officials, including their statements in mass media.

This material has been prepared by the International Torture Victims Protection Day that is marked every year on June 26.

Torture is like a dreadful virus, and there is only one vaccine against it – public disclosure.