Dilrabo Samadova, Public Association “Office for Civil Freedoms”: “I do the very right job.”

“I defend human rights guaranteed by the Constitution of Tajikistan, international norms and the laws of the country. Human rights are highly valued by me and I believe that I, like other human rights defenders in the country, do the most right job.

A human rights defender can be any person regardless of a profession, education, experience or social origin. The requirements for human rights defenders are very high, but they  can be met by any good man. They are  the faith in human rights and in the rightful cause  of their work, courage, patience, stout heartedness, , rightfulness, independence and impartiality.

We, human rights defenders, believe in and strive to protect human rights, even if we can't achieve the desired results; even if we see that with some human rights issues we are brought to  a standstill or even put back.

When I see no positive outcome of my work, I am not in  despair and I do not "scale back", I know that I need to do much more effort and I must go forward.”